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 Business allows learners to develop the speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension skills needed for international business. It can be used in a blended learning environment (face-to-face lessons in a classroom, accompanied by individual, online study) or individually, at learners’ own time and pace.

Upon completing ELL Business, students will be able to handle various business situations using their English language skills, such as speaking with clients and partners, working in teams, solving business problems and more. This English language learning product combines modern technology with traditional teaching approaches to deliver a versatile and interactive program. Featuring an online series of lessons and activities, ELL Business allows learners to develop the English skills required for international business communication.

It is combined in 3 levels:
Level 1:
1.Practice how to manage communication in a meeting and on the phone. You will also learn how to identify and provide solutions to a problem, and how to write about your company.
2.Learn how to introduce opinions and manage interruptions in a meeting. You will also practice how to pass on important information, and how to ask for clarifications in order to avoid communication breakdowns.
3.Practice how to offer and ask for help in a work context. You will also learn useful ways to communicate information in a formal and informal situation.
4.Practice how to manage interruptions and express subtle opinion. You will also learn how to understand and write a report and identify important information in a written or spoken communication.
5.Learn how to express yourself in a negotiation, and how to discuss a business strategy. You will also practice how to explain a problem and ask for suggestions.
6. Learn how to deal with difficult customers or clients. You will also learn how to understand and convey important information in formal and informal communication in relation to difficult problems.
Level 2:
1.Explore formal and informal ways of presenting and understanding key information in the workplace. You will also learn how to write a work email to request or give complex information to a stranger.
2.Practice how to identify and pass on key iformation in the work place both in spoken and writtend English. You will also learn how to check for accuracy, and how to best organize work related information.
3.Learn how to record, convey and summarize important information related to work, as well as understand and communicate simple instructions. You will also learn how to write a cover letter.
4.Learn different ways of expressing opinion depending on the work-related circumstance. You will also practive ways of supporting opinions with evidence, and how to write a recommendation letter.
Level 3:
1.Learn how to describe detailed facts and express opinion about work related events or actions in written or spoken situations. You will also explore how to write a brief biography.
2.Explore ways to express necessity, duty, advice, or strong in the workplace in written and spoken situations. You will also learn how to write a letter of intent.
3.Practice passing on key information in work related written and oral communication. You will also explore how to best exchange complex information and advice in a work context.
4.Practice expressing your needs and opinions within a work context, You will also explore how to present arguments and points of view in support of your opinions, and respomd to differing opinions.

See Here Images from the lessons:
Special Features 

User-friendly online tools – including help files, tool tips, and a Lexicon

Videos, case studies, lessons, and activities relevant to the business environment
Online assessments simulating the Cambridge BEC Vantage-level examination
Native language support for help and tool tips
Courses ranging from Intermediate to Advanced levels
Approximately 90 hours of online lessons
Assessment: The program includes real-time feedback for learners, an online grade monitoring tool, and two end-of-course achievement tests
International curricula: ELL Business conforms to major, internationally accepted curricula such as The Council of Europe Standards
Multi-cultural awareness: Multi-cultural awareness is a significant factor of real-life interactions, especially in this era of globalization in business. As in the real world, learners are exposed to English spoken in a variety of accents, as well as situations and characters from a range of different cultural backgrounds.

Product Highlights

Speech Recognition
Multi-Device Capability
Supportive Learning Tools
Progress Tracking & Reporting
Works with Major Browsers

Every unit of Business presents an authentic business setting to gain practical experience and excel your business skills.
Business makes you capable of dealing with every business problem in real everyday life.