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Master is an online English learning method for those who have the Lower knowledge and want to improve it for current or future academic studies or for perfect business skills.  

is a fully-online English program gives you ultimate flexibility so you can create your own classroom whenever and wherever you want. This course also gives you the opportunity to develop reading, writing, comprehension and all the modules that will help you apply them practically within an academic context. 

Master offers 80 hours of lessons and activities, featuring 10 themes relevant to:

Information Technology
Business and Low
Genetic Engineering 
Robotics and Mechanical Engineering

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Other special Features include:

Writing Tips: gives guidelines on how to write in an academic English style

Word List Tool: a list of words related to the theme in question
Comprehension Tips: offers strategies and skill-building techniques
Lexicon: displays new vocabulary items, with examples, and audio options
Notepad: enables learners to write and save notes.

Proven Results
The Master English program has been designed to bring your English up to the Level C2 of the Common European Framework (CEF). All themes and lessons in the course are relevant and authentic within the context of an academic English environment, and all activities within the course mirror those found on the TOEFL, TOEIC and CET exams.