The best online learning English system!
From Basic to Advanced Levels!

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If you are interested in improving your English whether you are totally new to the language, intermediate, or already have an advanced level, Scholar is the perfect course for you. Once you complete the courses, you will have perfect verbal and written communication skills and also you will be able to completely understand conversations and texts in English.

includes support, instructions, vocabulary and translations in the following languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Greek.

Special Features:

Speech Recognition
Multi-Device Capability
Supportive Learning Tools

Progress Tracking & Reporting

Works with Major Browsers

Speech recognition tools, including The Studio and Speak2Me, which enable learners to practice speaking English and receive feedback at the phoneme level

Over 3.000 activities in 900 hours of motivating learning

An online Placement Test

Correlated to the standards of the Common European Framework, and teaches English to learners from beginner to low-advanced levels

Assessment: The program includes real-time feedback for learners

International Curricula: It conforms to major, internationally curricula such as The Council of Europe Standards

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As this lesson contains the complete training program required, the whole family can use the course regardless of the level of each member!

  • The primitive price for each level is 40, so the total price is 120€ for all 3 levels.

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The best online learning English system!
From Basic to Advanced Levels!