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Winnie's World

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Winnie's World is a comprehensive English learning solution for young learners which has been especially designed and developed to introduce them to the world of English.

Winnie's World is a complete solution to learn English for children with no previous language skills. This e-learning program has a versatile range of educational products which helps children to go from the beginners’ level to the basic.

Winnie's World succeeds in this goal through fully online lessons and activities. As children do these several activities they get familiar for the first time with important topics in English, such as:

  • Numbers
  • Family
  • Colors
  • Food
  • Body parts 
  • Feelings

Benefits for the kids

  • Teaches four basic languages skills – listening, speaking, reading, writing
  • Improvement of the pronunciation skills through the innovative record and playback feature
  • Development of literacy skills through a useful ABC unit and full-length stories    

Winnie's World includes:

  • More than 400 hours of lessons 
  • An active word vocabulary with narrated help in the child’s own language and a Lexicon with more than 2000 words
  • Localization to learner’s native language including support 
  • An innovative record and playback feature that gives the opportunity to the kids to improve their speaking and strengthen their confidence in English.

After completing Q-Kids the student has gained the knowledge and the confidence to take part on the exams for the YLE Cambridge diploma.