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Welcome (Levels)

On the welcome page, you can see your course goals for each level. To begin, choose a level and hit the go button to enter the level. At any time you can see your course goals and progress by clicking on the links at the top of the page on the units and lesson pages.


After you have selected a level, you will need to select a unit. Hover over a unit to see the unit description. To select a unit, click on the Select button. Each unit also has a progress indicator, so you can see easily know which are completed and which are in progress.

Progress indicators

Achievement Test

Once you are ready, you can take the Achievement test. There is one test per level and you only get one chance to take it. Click on the Go button to begin.



After you select a unit, the unit page with the lessons will open. Select a lesson from the list to see more information about your progress, score and lesson description. When you are ready click the Launch button to open the lesson.

Quick Progress

Click on Quick Progress to see your total progress for the course. You can navigate through your assigned levels by using the back and next buttons at the bottom of the panel.

Download a progress report by clicking on the Download progress report link.