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English for Success

The No 1 Personalized Online English Learning Platform
for adults and young learners!

English for Success

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Teach English to young adult or adult learners using English for Success, a stimulating and interactive English language learning solution for students aiming to move from the beginner English proficiency level to the upper-intermediate level.

Users will learn the fundamentals of English, from beginner levels to upper-intermediate. 

English for Success is an engaging English language learning experience full of color, sound and dynamic activities. It’s an interactive, online solution designed for English language learners.  Through a series of enjoyable and interesting lessons and activities, students develop the skills and confidence to become effective English language communicators. 

Online multimedia resources and activities are combined to cover all aspects of English language learning. Through this training, learners develop grammatical, sociolinguistic, and strategic as well as discourse competence. Through a wide range of reading, writing, speaking and listening activities, students learn about topics that will expand their minds. Learners practice pronunciation and hear native speakers in real-life situations, while receiving continual feedback and assessment.

These are the basic features of the platform:
 Unlimited access to 1,278 hours of online courses for 12 months
 Blended learning options
 Free 20 e-books with detailed grammar and vocabulary notes

 Practice speaking and pronunciation
 Receive continual, specially designed and encouraging feedback
 Over 42,000 audio clips, 14,500 images
 Over 1,800 5-6 page offline workbooks and 420 videos

 11 CEFR levels (Pre-A1 – B2.3)
 142 units and 1,715 lessons; and 142 Unit Tests and 11 Level Tests

These are the factors that make learning experience with
English for Success amazing: 

 Rich collection of online multimedia resources which set the language learning in authentic, real-life situations
 Comprehensive language learning experience: reading, writing, speaking and listening skill plus grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
 Wide variety of interesting, relevant themes
 Full range of text-types from dialogues to blog entries to maps to business emails
 Dynamic, interactive exercises, activities and games for endless practice
 Communicative functions presented in real-life situations 
 Online learning enables students to determine location and schedule
 Beautiful colours and images
 Product tour to help you navigate the platform
 Help section to answer frequently asked questions
 Visual progress tracking for students, teachers and administrators

By the end of the course, users will be able to understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics.

Get an Annual Subscription to all levels with 1200 hours of online usage,
20 e-books with grammar and vocabulary approaches and Grammar Guide in Greek!

English for Success

The No 1 Personalized Online English Learning Platform
for adults and young learners!