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English for Success
has a Communicative Approach with Real-Life Situations.
It contains 40,000+ Original Videos & Audio Playbacks.
The whole course has 1,200+ Learning Hours with 150+ Tests. 

The topics of the lessons have to do with the fololowing: 

➡Meeting New People, Places and People, Everyday Things, Solving Problems
➡At the Coffee Shop, Supermarket, Park, Clothing Store
➡Job Interview
➡At the Restaurant, Comic Book Store, Movies, Travel Agency, Bank, Airport
➡Getting a Part-Time Job
➡Asking and giving directions, explaining or asking about intentions and plans
➡Describe common activities at work
➡Describe an accident and injuries
➡Travel and transportation, report on actions, events or people, talk about current actions and states
➡Vocabulary to talk about people's personality 
➡Ask for and give permission
➡Report on things, actions, events, or people 
➡How to keep a conversation going and how to close phone conversations
➡Vocabulary about food to talk about quantities and amounts, describe how to prepare food,
discuss eating habits and write about how to prepare food

➡Offer advice and solutions and how to respond politely to suggestions 
➡Talk about family life, talk about habits, and offer advice and solutions
➡Vocabulary for natural features, buildings and structures  and celebrations
➡Social activities, friendships and relationships, key life events, feelings and reactions
➡Health care, common health problems
➡Rules, regulations, crime and punishment
➡Fashion and clothes and culture
➡Science, gadgets and technology 
➡Environmental problems using vocabulary pertaining to the environment geography and climate