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English for Success is an interactive, online course designed for English language learners from absolute beginner (Pre A1) to upper intermediate (B2) levels. Students follow Peter, Sally, John and Vanessa, as they move through
their interesting and exciting everyday lives, from meeting for the first time at college to becoming working professionals. These main characters and the people they encounter use authentic, real-life English, as they study, work, and play.

English for Success is a series of enjoyable and interesting lessons and activities that include a wide range of reading, writing, speaking and listening activities, and targeted pronunciation and writing lessons, aimed at helping students develop the skills and confidence to become effective English language communicators.

Students track their progress in English for Success by taking a quiz at the end of every lesson, and a test at the end of every unit and level.
Step into the story and let Peter, Sally, John and Vanessa lead you to success!

● 11 levels from CEFR Pre-A1 to B2.3, with 142 units, 1562 lessons, and 11 achievements tests.
● 1278 hours online work, and 11 hour s of level testing
● 1562 printable takeaways
● Lessons tailored to expand and enrich students’ knowledge and use of everyday English.