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The Contents of Business

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Every unit of Business presents an authentic business setting to gain practical experience and excel your business skills. 
Business makes you capable of dealing with every business problem in real everyday life.

It is combined in 3 levels. Here are the topics of the levels:

  1. Peter's New Job
  2. Fighting the Competition
  3. Peter at Work
  4. Preparing the Proposal
  5. Getting the Client
  6. Reaching an Agreement
  7. A Serious Image Problem
  8. Controlling the Story
  9. Presenting the Product
  10. The World of Work
  11. The Job Search
  12. Persistence is Key
  13. Dressing the Part
  14. Living the Dream
  15. Looking for a Job
  16. First Day of Work
  17. Working Hard
  18. So Much to Do at Work
  19. Issues in the Workplace
  20. Good Prospects
  21. Good Leadership
  22. New Challenges
  23. Problems and Solutions
  24. The Next Step