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The contents of Master Course

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The ten interesting, exciting themes in Master provide practice in the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. There is also a special speaking lab, that allows you to practice your pronunciation using voice recognition technology. Special language tools help make your journey through Master easy and fun.

Here are the contents of the lessons: 
1. Internet Accuracy - Internet Controls - Internet Initiatives
2. History of Time Travel - Time Travel Examined - News About Time Travel
3. The Need for Sleep - Stages of Sleep - Functions of Sleep
4. Running a Call Center - Customer Care - An Employee Evaluation
5. User Guides - Troubleshooting - Technical Writing
6. Globalization and Business Law - Intercultural Issues - Intercultural Business Competence
7. Revolution of the Small - The Nanotechnology Debate - Nanohomes
8. Exploring Genetic Engineering - Is Genetic Engineering Safe? - Critiquing Genetic Engineering
9. Robots in Medicine - The Robots are Coming - Robot Caretakers
10. The Street That Got Mislaid - Mislaid Lives- The Sequel