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The contents of Winnie

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Children can learn English the fun and easy way with Winnie's World! Teach English to your children using a stimulating and interactive English language learning solution for pre-readers. 

Specially created to attract and engage young learners, Winnie’s World will capture children’s imagination and turn learning into play time.

Here are the contents of the units: 

Unit 1 - The Castle
numbers 0-10 - introductions; My name is… -basic greetings; hello, goodbye - character names - objects in Unit 1 - simple comma

Unit 2 - The Family Home
family members and pets - relationships - community places - daily activities - objects in Unit 2

Unit 3 - The Paint Factory
review of numbers, greetings, phone skills and commands - color vocabulary - everyday items - daily activities and times

Unit 4 - The Dressmaker’s Shop
items of clothing - describing people by clothing - likes and dislikes - compliments and courtesy (please, thank you) - colors and clothing - numbers and clothing

Unit 5 - The Gym
body parts - action words - and phrases

Unit 6 - The School
school items - people and surroundings - commands and action words, phrases

Unit 7 - The Grocery Store
basic food items - action words and phrases - simple commands and requests - polite expressions (Please, Thank you, Can I…?)

Unit 8 - The Theater
feelings - personal feelings and those of others - colors, moods, and feelings