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What's the Business Course?

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Business allows learners to develop the speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills needed for international business. It can be used in a blended learning environment (face-to-face lessons in a classroom, accompanied by individual, online study) or individually.

Upon completing Business, students will be able to handle various business situations using their English language skills, such as speaking with clients and partners, working in teams, solving business problems and more.

In each unit students, will complete a wide range of reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities, including targeted pronunciation and writing lessons, to make learning more exciting and memorable.
Students can easily keep track of their progress throughout the course by taking a quiz at the end of every lesson, and test their progress by taking the unit tests.

Special Features:
•3 levels from CEFR B1-B2, 264 lessons, 24 unit tests, and 3 Achievement tests.
•225 hours of online, and 27 hours of online testing.
•Speech recognition tools, including The Studio and Speak to Me, 200 hours of learning.
•264 printable takeaways.
•Lessons tailored to expand and enrich students’ knowledge and use of business English.

Let’s do business!