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  • Giannis Anastasiou, 16 years old

    English for Success helps students, from basic to advanced level, to gain quickly fluency in verbal and written communication offering essential knowledge of English and using innovative education tools.

  • Nikos Argiriou, 32 years old

    Business prepares the learners to work on a corporate environment when English is spoken and prepares them to take part on the exams for the Cambridge Business English Certificate. With Business I resolved questions that I had for years on my communication with foreigners and I have improved significantly my communication with the head office of my company in America, as I lacked important knowledge in business English, which I did not even realize that I did!

  • Eleni Stavrou, teacher

    Winnie's World provides a complete learning method of English for little students which is characterized by an environment that excites the imagination and gives a variety of funny, interactive lessons. I use Winnie's World in the classroom on a large screen and I have managed to make the lesson much more vivid and interesting for the kids.